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IT Project Management Handbook (review only)

IT Project Management Handbook is written by Jag Sodhi and Prince Sodhi. This book allows you to manage software project very quickly on time and on budget alloted. This Software project management book is published by Management Concepts. IT Project Management Handbook provides clear idea to avoid cost overruns and schedule delays with user friendly illustration.
IT Project Management Handbook covers these
topics in detail.
  1. You can get knowledge to control budget and resource allocation, how to meet customer requirements, how to build a successful project team.
  2. This books explains Internet support for project management tools, repositories available, real world experiences, various prototypes, modeling and simulations, etc.
  3. In this book, it explains various IT project planning and development phases, customer requirement management, project modeling with simulation and Project management quality control mechanisms in depth. This software project management books is very useful for project managers who wish to get success in effective project finishing within the time limit.
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IT Project Management Handbook

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