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Object-Oriented Project Management with UML (review only)

Object-Oriented Project Management with UML is written by Murray Cantor. This book filled with real world guidance for managing software projects. This Software project management book is published by John Wiley & Sons. Object-Oriented Project Management with UML is best for any one who manages object oriented software projects. This book contains software engineering theory along with real world practice of object oriented software management techniques and full of useful tips on how to improve your next Project Manager experience.
Object-Oriented Project Management with UML contains various
software project management topics in detail.
  1. You will easily understand how to do project estimation, bug tracking and resource allocation for software project success.
  2. Plenty of advice there to know the working level with upper management, customers and development team to meet software project a success.
  3. In this book, it explains use case diagrams, UML, life cycle models, waterfall spiral, RAD, time box model, control iterations, Software development Plans, Software metrics, management tips and sample meeting agendas, etc.
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Object-Oriented Project Management with UML

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