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Software Project Management in Practice (review only)

Software Project Management in Practice is written by Pankaj Jalote. This book is for software developers and IT managers who wish to do efficient management in real world projects. This Software project management book is published by Addison-Wesley Professional. Software Project Management in Practice book is based on the simple process management techniques used by InfoSys. This book is full of sample documents for managing software which are beneficial for success.
Software Project Management in Practice covers these topics.

  1. Teaches you Capability Maturity Models (CMM), Statistical Process Models (SPC), Key Process Areas (KPAs), etc
  2. Shows you the different successful project management levels, waterfall software development, effort estimation, quality management techniques, etc
  3. This book is good for project management plan implementations, project tracking and project closure analysis, etc. Moreover this book contains sample project management documents of real world projects.
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Software Project Management in Practice

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