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Project Management For Dummies (review only)

Project Management For Dummies is written by Stanley E. Portny. This book introduces you successful project management and explaining the ways to motivate a team for getting success. This Software project management book is published by "For Dummies". Project Management For Dummies is complete with useful tips on delegating, shortening schedules and shows how to optimize your own performance, etc.
Project Management For Dummies contains following project management topics in detail.

  1. Teaches you to define project and what you intend to accomplish that. More over it is identifying project stakeholders and expectations, etc.
  2. This book is explaining project plans, schedules, timetables, skill set and resource for project, team members and role for the project and tips to conclude project successfully.
  3. In this book, topics are explained in a user friendly level and thus best for anyone who wish to become a project manager.
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Project Management For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))

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